SENSATERRE GEOSCIENCE RESEARCH - Helping you to make sense of the Earth and its resources.
Sensaterre represents Andrew Kerr (Ph.D., P. Geo) - Independent Professional Geologist  

I have wide professional scientific expertise in diverse sectors. In 2015, I retired from the Geological Survey of Newfoundland and Labrador, where I was the Senior Geologist responsible for Mineral Deposits. I continue to hold an adjunct faculty appointment in the Department of Earth Sciences at Memorial University, and remain active in collaborative research work and teaching. I have an extensive record of publication, covering a wide range of regional geology and mineral deposit studies, and also general-interest material related to geoscience. I now serve also as the scientific editor for 'Geoscience Canada', the flagship journal of the Geological Association of Canada.

Consulting services offered through Sensaterre are diverse, but the main focus is upon research-related studies and related technical documents. These include assistance with mineral resource exploration, general geoscience research, geotourism and educational applications, and review/editing of technical documents. Assistance with the development of posters, presentations and other media-related products is also offered.

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